Highfields Spencer Academy is part of Derbyshire County Council’s development plan for education in South Derbyshire and will cater for the educational needs of the children from the new homes being built in South Derbyshire, particularly Highfields Farm, and will strive to be central to community development.

The academy will be a part of Spencer Academies Trust and closely linked to Wyndham Primary which is an outstanding academy within the Trust and also leads on educational development through research across Derbyshire and beyond. Highfields will also work in partnership with our two brand new schools that opened in September 2019 – Chellaston Fields and The Mease in Hilton.

We are keen to create a high performing school based on developing growth mindsets and an exciting and knowledge-rich curriculum to serve our local community. In this school all children will learn in an environment that helps them to thrive and understand that their learning has no limits.