Catchment Consultation

Highfields Spencer Academy Consultation

Creation of shared normal area between Highfields Spencer Academy and Findern Community Primary School

The normal area of Highfields Spencer Academy was previously within the normal area of Findern Community Primary School. Derbyshire County Council consulted to create a discrete normal area for Highfields from September 2021, removing it from that of Findern. It is now necessary to temporarily designate the normal area of Highfields as a shared normal area with Findern. This is to ensure that, due to the gradual opening of year groups at Highfields, children of all primary ages can be allocated a normal area school. This shared arrangement will need to stay in place until September 2027.

A PDF of the normal area map is provided showing how the development relates to the normal area of Sale and Davys CE (Controlled) Primary School. (See map below).

Please note: Both Findern Primary School and Sale and Davys CE Primary school have been consulted about these proposed changes and are happy for this to be accepted.

This consultation will run for a period of six weeks, from Monday 15th November 2021 to Friday 24th December 2021. Results from the consultation will be shared with the community in the Spring term 2022.

If you would like to comment on this consultation or have any questions or concerns please contact or write to Highfields Spencer Academy, Littleover, Derbyshire, DE23 3UX
Tel 01332 955599

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