Phonics lessons enable the children to develop early skills in reading and writing. At Highfields Spencer Academy, the children are taught the sounds of the letters through our own phonics planning, which is based on the Phonics Play programme, supported by Twinkl Phonics and taught through whole class and small group teaching. The lessons are often contextualised through the use of a ‘real book’. Each sound is taught through a mixture of games, activities and story books written by some of the best-loved authors. Each sound has an action to help the children remember and relate the sound (phoneme) to the grapheme (single letter or group of two or three letters) they have learnt that make that sound.

Both Phonics Play and Twinkl Phonics planning follow the phases of the Letters and Sounds document. Alongside learning the sounds, the children are taught to read and write Tricky Words (common high frequency words). They are taught the skills of blending sounds for reading and segmenting sounds for spelling.

Using a mixture of Phonics Play and Twinkl Phonics enables us to engage all of the children, regardless of ability, on a journey where learning phonics has a real purpose whilst setting children up with the knowledge and skills to encompass a real love for reading.

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