Happy, Helpful, High Achievers

We are delighted to welcome you to Highfields Spencer Academy, a state of the art primary school that will be opening September 2020 in the heart of the new Highfields estate, Littleover, Derbyshire.

We will collaborate with local stakeholders to shape our offer as a STREAM specialist primary school to create choice for the wider community in Derbyshire.

Our mission is simple: we strive to educate the whole child so that each individual in our community may grow into Happy, Helpful, High Achievers. Water is essential for life, just as a combination of academic and emotional development are essential for success.

STREAM is an educational approach to learning that uses Science, Technology, Reading, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics as access points for guiding pupil inquiry, dialogue, and critical thinking. The end results are pupils who take thoughtful risks, engage in experiential learning, persist in problem-solving, embrace collaboration, and work through the creative process. These are the innovators, educators, leaders, and learners of the 21st century!

This approach to learning is certainly not an easy task, but the benefits to pupils and the entire school community are tremendous.  Pupils and teachers engaged in STREAM make more real-life connections so that school is not a place where you go to learn but instead becomes the entire experience of learning itself.  We are always learning, always growing, always experimenting.

Key elements of our STREAM approach include:

  • critical thinking and problem solving 
  •  initiative and entrepreneurship 
  • curiosity and imagination
  • collaboration between pupils, networks and local organisations 

We have a strong vision for the STREAM provision we will curate at Highfields Spencer Academy. The cross-sector opportunities and national partnerships are going to lead to some really exciting collaborations which will open doors for our pupils in the future. By nurturing the hearts and the minds of our pupils we will work together to ensure that they will all grow, learn and flourish to live our values and develop the STREAM skills to ensure that they are prepared for secondary school and become the highly employable graduates of the future.

At Highfields we know that understanding yourself, building resilience and developing a positive growth mindset is essential for all pupils at Highfields.

Our exciting, knowledge and inquiry based STREAM learning in school will be enhanced by our focus on developing the whole pupil through our ASPIRE curriculum. For more information please see our curriculum statement.